Fortunate Wife - Ch 0141

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 141 – Wolf attack (6)

"Hmph, why would the great me need you to bring me there?" The old man contemptuously looked around the hut before going back to Li Yan and Li Hua. "It wouldn't be hard for me to save your oldest brother, but with your family's poor condition, how can you afford to hire me? Besides, the great me didn't willingly come here. It was you -" He pointed at Li Yan and harshly said, "You forcibly brought me here. Let me tell you, I'm going to report you. Not only will you have to pay me for medical fees, you'll be faced with legal action -"

Li Man had been looking at the old man with the eyes of a bystander. She suddenly sneered and said, "You're a doctor that refuses to save a patient. You're the one that should be sued."

"Where did this stupid girl come from?" The old man looked at Li Man and scornfully said, "So rude." As the only doctor in the Goddess's Ravine, he had long become accustomed to everyone treating him with respect and veneration. Even though Li Yan had forcibly brought him here, Li Yan wouldn't dare to act too rudely and unreasonable.

"Rude? That's better than someone like you who doesn't know right from wrong." Li Man looked at him with equal scorn. She insincerely smiled and said, "If you're not capable of treating my oldest brother, be honest. Why make up such a ridiculous story about having to go look at an old sow's that having a difficult birth?”

The old man was so angry that even his beard was shaking. "What? You said that I can't treat him?"

"I did," Li Man bluntly answered, "If you were actually capable of it, why would you want to run away when you're already here. It's obvious that you don't know how. That's why you want to run away before trying. Fine, just go. Wait until tomorrow, I'll go tell everyone to not look for you when they're sick or had an accident. If they look for you, you'll just make up an excuse or they'll end up dying because of your shoddy medical skills. Ai, second brother, why did you bring over a person that can only treat pigs?"

Fuming, the old man demandingly asked, "Who says I can only treat pigs?"

Li Ma simply waved her hand and said, "You're old, walk slowly. We won't be seeing you off."

"Y-You..." Speechless, the old man pointed at her. There were purple cross-popping veins on his face.

"You can leave." This time, Li Yan didn't try to stop him.

The old man was about to fall backwards in anger. "You... Do you think the great me is someone that you can bring over and dismiss as you please?"

"What? You want medical fees?" Ji Man sneered. "You've seen our home. We're penniless. Fine, if you find something you like, you can take it with you."


"Are you not leaving because you're waiting to have dinner with us?" Seeing that he was speechless from anger, Li Man's lips twitched. "Alright, seeing how old you are, it must not be easy for you to trick people into giving you free meals. I'll cook more tonight and leave a portion for you to eat."

The old man swallowed down his anger and harshly glared at Li Man, "Good, very good. You ignorant little girl, I'll demonstrate my skills and show you that I'm not someone that goes around swindling meals. Are you happy?"

After saying this, he angrily put down his medicine bag on the wardrobe. Just as Li Hua was about to take a step forward to help, Li Man’s meaningful looked stopped him. He looked at her and silently laughed.

In actuality, the old man could see that Li Man was goading him. However, as someone that was naturally arrogant and proud, he couldn't bear to hear these types of words. Even if it was just for the sake of smoothing his ruffled feathers, he was still going to treat Li Mo's injury in order to show off to this mere chit of a girl.

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