Fortunate Wife - Ch 0139

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 139 – Wolf attack (4)

"It's really not a big deal." Seeing her staring at him with teary eyes, Li Mo felt a bit flustered. It wasn't that he wanted to toss his life away. He had been confident of winning against the wolf in one swoop. However, he had lost his senses when he saw Li Man falling down here too. At that time, he didn't care about anything else. He had just dashed towards her, that's why he ended up being hurt by the wolf.

Li Man glared at him before hurriedly walking over to him and supporting his weight again. Li Mo wanted to take his arm back to show that he really was fine. However, when he tried to do this, she glowered at him."You're still trying to act like a hero? You're already horribly injured. Come on, we have to hurry back and get a doctor."

"Oh." Li Mo pursed his lips and stayed silent.

As the two of them descended the mountain, Li Man's heart felt guilt-ridden, but also touched. She felt guilty that Li Mo had gotten hurt because of her and touched that Li Mo had considerately not asked her why she had wandered off.

Yes, she found the idea of a shared wife utterly preposterous. However, she couldn't blame anyone. To begin with, she was merely a person that had died unjustly and took over someone else's body in this strange world. Perhaps, the original owner of this body had been happily living with this family of brothers, and she had ruined their happiness by coming here.

Still, please give her more time to digest this shocking information. She needed time to adapt. Perhaps, she would be able to accept her role at some point in the future, but it definitely wasn't right now.

Li Mo accommodatingly matched his pace to hers. As they slowly walked, his heart felt like a string stretched too far. Was she thinking about running away again? He couldn't tell for sure, but he didn't want to confirm his guess either. Right now, he felt that she was like a small rabbit that had suffered shock and needed protection.

“Oldest brother?" At this time, Li Shu had seen them and was sprinting to them from the bottom of the mountain. Behind him, Li Yan had also quickened his pace.

Li Man stiffened. She leaned closer to Li Mo as if she was cowering. Li Shu was a straightforward person. Would he ask her why she had left home? She hadn't thought of a good excuse yet.

“Oldest brother, you're hurt?" Fortunately, Li Shu's attention was focused on Li Mo's injury. He only briefly swept his gaze over Li Man before taking over the responsibility of supporting Li Mo. Then, he turned his head and quietly said, "Wife, let's go home."

He didn't ask her any question either. Li Man felt sick at heart, but also warm. She assented and followed after them.

Li Yan's face was still bruised. He walked over to Li Man's side. Although he didn't say a word, she felt endless pressure.


When they returned home, Li Mo got onto the bed and faced his younger brothers' worried gazes. He didn't want to say too much, so he sent three of them away.

Li Shu went up the mountain to get the wolf's corpse. Li Yan went with Li Hua to get the doctor.

Little Five remained leaning on the bed and holding his oldest brother’s hand while choked up with sobs. He would cry every time his oldest brother came back home with injuries. Everyone else in the family was already used to it. It was only Li Man that felt so upset when she heard him crying that she wanted to cry too, especially when she saw how deep Li Mo's wound was. Her hands trembled.

"Take off your shirt. I'll wash the wound for you."

Li Mo hastily refused. "It's okay. The doctor will treat it when he comes." He was worried that the blood would scare her.

Li Man glared at him. She put a clean towel in warm water, then wrung out the excess water. "Even if the doctor comes, he won't clean your injury."

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