Fortunate Wife - Ch 0077

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 77 - Apologizing

Li Man leaned against the door as she mentally beat herself up while feeling ashamed and resentful. When she had finally calmed herself down a bit, she realized that had entered the wrong hut. This was the Li brothers' hut.

She plopped down on the floor. Should she just go ahead and kill herself? She had originally planned on refusing to face reality by hiding in her room for the rest of the afternoon. She had wanted to wait until the awkwardness had passed before going out again. Great, she was in someone else's hut. How could she stay here to hide? Ahhh! 

On the other side of the door, the men looked at each in dismay.

Li Yan was the first one that couldn't maintain a serious face. He burst into laughter. With one hand holding onto the wall for support, he continue to chuckle as he said, "So cute and amusing..."

Li Mo was almost grinding his back molars. However, as soon as he pictured the recent scene and that woman's pitiful, shocked, embarrassed, and at a complete loss appearance, the lines on his handsome face subconsciously softened and the emotion in his dark eyes thawed into amusement. And yet, he resisted the urge to laugh and said to Li Yan, "Second brother, stop laughing. She's easily embarrassed."

"Oh." Li Yan pressed his lips together and turned around. He still wanted to laugh.

Li Hua's handsome face was flushed. This was the first time he saw a scene like that too. It felt as if a fire had been lit in his heart, and his blood was boiling. He actually... His gaze drifted towards the door. He wondered how she was doing on the other side.

Li Shu didn't dare to continue smiling. He had just been light-heartedly fooling around before, but after seeing his wife rush into the hut, he felt a bit nervous. "Wife wouldn't be angry, right?"

"What do you think?" Li Mo sternly glared at him. That woman was very shy. She definitely wouldn't be coming out anytime soon.

With a doleful face, Li Shu hurriedly strode towards the door. "I'll go apologize to her."

"Third brother." Li Hua quickly stopped him. An apology at this moment would be the same as pouring oil on a fire. She would end up being even more unwilling to come out.

While Li Shu was blankly looking at his fourth brother, Li Yan came over, gently patted his shoulder, and wickedly smiled as he said, "Third brother, you're doomed. Wife will definitely feel resentment towards you over this matter for the rest of your lfie.”

After Li Yan said this, he pulled Little Five, who had been completely lost over what had recently happened. "Come on, let's all go eat. Little Five, bring over wife's meal later."

"Oh," Little Five agreed while still feeling muddled and being pulled into the kitchen by his second brother.

Li Mo glanced at Li Shu with a composed expression, and Li Shu obediently followed him into the kitchen too.

Li Hua had preemptively remained in front of the door to block Li Shu from doing something stupid again. He waited until his third brother, who had a vexed expression, entered the kitchen before he following after the group.

Inside the kitchen, Li Yan had already taken out food for Li Man and was about to have Little Five bring it over when Li Shu hurriedly went forward and extremely fawningly said, "Little Five, sit down to eat. I can deliver the food."

Li Mo looked at Li Shu and ordered, "You, sit down."

Li Shu was somewhat unwilling. "Oldest brother, I'm worried that wife is angry. Let me bring the food over. I'll apologize while I'm there."

After he said this, he hastily snatched the bowl from Little Five and rushed out of the kitchen and to the eastern hut before anyone could stop him. He lightly knocked on the door and pleaded in a soft voice, "Wife, I was wrong. I shouldn't have shown you what Big Black and Little Yellow were doing. Don't be angry anymore. I brought you lunch. Could you open the door please?"

That rotten man, how dare he mention it? Li Man gloomily bit her bottom lip. Humph! I won't open the door. I won't.

"Wife, please open the door. How about you just beat me up? I won't dare to do something like that again. If next time Big Black and Little Yellow are doing that again, I swear that I'll drive them far away from you so that you won't see. Is that better?"

Pfft! Why would there be a second time? Did he think she was an idiot? If she saw it again, why would she still stupidly not know what was happening?

"Wife, just say something or make a sound. The food is getting cold. If you won't open the door, I'm going to push it open." Li Shu was an impetuous person. After pleading with her so many times and seeing that there was no reaction from inside, he became anxious enough to want to forcefully push open the door.

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