Fortunate Wife - Ch 0060

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 60 - Persuasion

Li Man hadn't expected that Li Mo would take the initiative to directly speak with her. Her face still felt hot as she thought about how Li Mo was probably her future husband. She wasn't sure how to face him and just awkwardly smiled at him as her response.

Seeing how forced Li Man's smile look, Li Mo felt disappointment rolling around in his heart. He knew that he wasn't good at gaining a woman's affection.

Li Hua saw his oldest brother's sunken expression and hurriedly said, "Oldest brother, you're right. We'll be able to plant stuff once we remove all the weeds from here in the next two days and properly till the soil. We shouldn't be too ambitious and ruin the fields. Let's just start by planting a few crops for now."

"..." Li Man blinked. Although she had only understood half of his words, her nervous and awkward feelings had faded a lot after listening to these two brothers' bout of chatting.

Li Yan walked over and asked, "Oldest brother, how's it going over here?"

Li Mo turned his head. He pointed at something in mid-air and replied, "It's almost done. It's just these two plots of farmland. After we finished recording the boundary lines here, we'll just need to go the village head's home and sign the contract."

A balding, tanned man came over and waved at Li Yan. He also asked Li Mo, "Li family's first son, no problem, right? It's just these two plots of farmland. Let me tell you, don't judge it based on how it looks right now. It'll be fine if you just tidy it up a bit. It's because you're the one that's buying them that I'm willing to sell them for so cheap. If it's anyone else, I wouldn't sell them for anything less than three silver taels."

"En." Li Mo lightly responded. He was aware that this person didn't have a good character. Most people wouldn't be willing to buy farmland from him because they would be worried about future troubles from dealing with him.

Third Lia tried to take advantage of this opportunity to persuade Li Mo by saying, "There's still two more plots of farmland. Do you want to buy them as well? You won't be seeing such low prices again."

Li Mo shook his head. "I don't have any extra money, so I'll just buy the two plots we agreed to. Third Lia, if there's no other issues, let's go the village head's home and sign the contract."

Third Lia repeatedly said, "Good." He wanted nothing more than to immediately take the money and leave the ravine to have some fun.

Li Mo glanced at him and couldn't help furrowing his brow. "Third Lia, you should stop gambling. Now that you have money, you should hurry to find a wife for yourself so that you can live a proper life."

"I know, I know." Third Lia impatiently waved his hand. "Who wouldn't want a wife? Besides, it's not like I don't have a wife. It's only that my oldest brother and second brother are too selfish and won't share our wife with me. They even drove me out of our home -"

Li Mo's expression was stern as he lectured, "That's because you're addicted to gambling and won't properly work." He felt very disdainful of people like Third Lai, who mooched food and drink from other people instead of properly working to earn a living.

"I -" Third Lai glared at him. Just as his anger flared, he remembered that the person in front of him was Li Mo, who was tall and sturdy enough to be as immovable as a hill. His strength was nothing compared to Li Mo's, so how could he dare to act wild in front of him? He immediately apologetically smiled and said, "Li family's son, you're right. I'll change in the future. I'll definitely change."

Li Mo glanced at him. Whether or not Third Lai was sincere about changing, it was still good that he knew he needed to improve himself.

Standing on the side and watching this scene, Li Yan shook his head and chuckled. If Third Lai was capable of repenting, then his two older brothers wouldn't have kicked him out of their home. It was only Li Mo that would still try to persuade Third Lai to repent.

No one else saw any issues with the farmland either, so everyone headed to the village head's home. Once the deed was signed, the sale would be completed.

Li Man originally didn't want to go over there, but since everyone was heading over there, she could only follow the crowd.


There was a group of women sitting by the village head's home's entrance. They were chatting as they mended the soles of shoes. Seeing the crowd of people coming over here, they immediately stopped their chatter and uniformly turned their attention to those people.

Lianhua was especially pleasantly surprised by this unexpected visit. She stood up and approached Li Hua. Her smiling face was like a blossoming spring flower. "Older brother Hua, why are you here?"

Li Hua furrowed his brow. His gaze drifted towards Li Man without conscious thought. He was worried that she would misunderstand.

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