Fortunate Wife - Ch 0058

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 58 - Personal Savings

Seeing that he was leaving, Mudan panicked. She really had something important to tell him. "Older brother Li Yan, wait, I have something I want to tell you."

Li Yan really didn't have the patience to continue being badgered by her. Actually, he was worried that she was never going to stop pestering him, so he took large steps and intentionally tried to leave Mudan behind.

However, when Mudan thought about how difficult it had been to get her dad and mom to agree to her request, how could she possibly be willing to go back home without clearly talking to Li Yan? She chased after him and shouted, "Older brother Li Yan, listen to me. My dad said that as long as you can take out twenty silver taels, then he'll be willing for us to -"

Li Yan would have never expected that Mudan would be able to persuade her money-loving parents. Oh, actually, no, twenty silver taels... Haha, for a penniless family like his, twenty silver taels were considered an astronomical amount. Her parents just wanted to use him to get her to give up on her hope.

Li Yan stopped and turned around to look at her. In a partially mocking tone, he said, "Mudan, do you really believe your parents' words? Besides, even if I did have twenty silver taels, why should I marry you?"

Gasping for breath, Mudan stopped by his side. She stared at him with reddened eyes that looked very lovely and pitiful, "Older brother Li Yan, don't say that. I know that's not what you really feel. Oh right, I have something for you."

As she said this, she looked around. Seeing that there was no one around, she hastily took out a little bag from the inside of her clothes and stuffed into Li Yan's hand.

"Older brother Li Yan, I know that twenty silver taels is a lot. This is all of my personal savings. I'll figure out a way for the remaining amount. You have to take good care of this. Once we have twenty silver -"

Li Yan deeply looked at her. There was a complicated feeling in his heart. "Mudan, don't be like this. I really only think of you as a younger sister. Besides, I already have a wife."

"Do you mean the woman from before?" A smile appeared in Mudan's eyes. "I know that the two of you haven't consummated the marriage yet. Isn't that right? Besides, there's no reason why we can't be together just because of her. There's still your oldest brother and your other brothers." It was exactly because she wouldn't need to be a shared wife that she had gained the determination to marry Li Yan.

"I like her." Li Yan lightly smiled. He stuffed the cloth bag back into her hand. "Take your stuff and go back."

"Older brother Li Yan -"

"I'm going to leave first. My wife is still waiting for me at the village's entrance. " Li Yan didn't wait for her to finish. He turned and started walking away.

Mudan had only taken a few steps forward when a married woman came out, saw her, and asked with a smile, "Aiyo, it's Mudan. I haven't seen you leave your home in several days. Where are you off to today?"

Mudan didn't dare to continue chasing after Li Yan. Flustered, she replied, "I have something -"

The married woman interrupted her. "That's perfect, I have some embroidery that needs to be done. Mudan, come over here and take a look."' She walked forward and wanted to pull Mudan into her home.

"Second aunt, my mom is still waiting for me at home." Mudan was busy with her own matters. How could she be in the mood to help someone with her work? After freeing herself from her aunt, Mudan hastily headed home.

The married woman watched Mudan's back figure as she left in a rush, then she looked towards Li Yan, who was also walking quickly and had almost reached the village's entrance. Her eyes turned. Plenty of people had said that Mudan had feelings for Li family's second son. She had originally not believed them, but having seen it with her own eyes, she could see that those rumors were true. There would be a good show to see in the future.

She happily scampered over to her neighbor's home.

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