Fortunate Wife - Ch 0056

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 56 - Qualm

"Older sister, what's wrong?" Little Five worriedly asked while attentively looking at Li Man's bloodshot eyes.

Li Man's eyes felt very uncomfortable. She hadn't been able to get a good night's rest. When she finally drifted off when sun was about to rise soon, she ended up having a nightmare. It was truly a torturous night.

"It's nothing." She rubbed her eyes and shook her head. She woke up late again, and it was only she and Little Five that were left at home. However, just right after thinking this, Li Yan came home.

Seeing Li Man, who was underneath the eaves, the smile in his eyes depended. His steps had also increased in speed without him noticing.

After last night, Li Man felt lingering anxiety towards him. Seeing him approaching her, she panicked and ran back into her hut. She closed the door behind her and start fretting. She hadn't brushed her teeth, washed her face, or brushed her hair...

Little Five came out of the kitchen with a bowl of warm cornmeal congee. Only seeing Li Yan instead of Li Man, he curiously asked, "Second brother, where's older sister?"

Li Yan gestured at the western hut with his chin. Smiling, he took the bowl from Little Five. "Let me bring it to her." Then, he gently knocked on her door.

Li Man had tidied up her clothes and was now brushing her hair. Hearing someone knocking on her door, she furrowed her brow. She knew it had to be Li Yan because Little Five never knocked on her door. Little Five would only crack open her door a little bit and carefully watch her until she finally noticed him.

She didn't respond and only blankly look at the hairpin placed on the wardrobe. Should she wear it?

If she wore it, wouldn't that be a sign that she was accepting his feelings? If she didn't wear it, would there be a repeat of last night's encounter? Would he throw a tantrum and do something again?

Li Yan forcefully knocked on the door, but it didn't sound impatient. Instead, it gave off a slight sense of courteousness. Still, Li Man couldn't bear it and reproachfully glanced at the door. She grabbed the hairpin and stuffed it into her hair before turning around and opening the door.

As soon as she opened the door, she was immediately greeted with Li Yan's gently smiling face and a bowl of cornmeal congee that was still wafting steam. Li Man immediately swallowed her anger back down. It wouldn't be good to show her anger.

"Did you not sleep well last night? Your eyes look really swollen." As Li Yan carefully looked at her, a flash of light glimmered in his eyes. He suddenly leaned forward and got very close to her face. He quietly asked, "Was it because of me?"

Scared, Li Man retreated several steps. But, she stopped when she saw that he was still standing in the doorway and not taking any steps towards her. She firmly glared at him. Why had he suddenly gotten so close then?

Watching her frightened baby rabbit-like demeanor, Li Yan chuckled. He placed the bowl down on the windowsill and said, "You should eat this while it's still hot. I'll take you out to walk around after you finish eating."

Little Five hastily grabbed his second brother's hand and fawningly said, "Where are you guys going? Second brother, I want to go to."

Li Yan kept his gaze on Li Man as he answered, "Oldest brother is currently discussing that matter with the farmland. We're going to go over there to take a look once he's done."

"En, okay." Little Five showed a strong interest.

Li Man picked up the bowl from the windowsill. With her back turned to them, she gobbled up the contents of the bowl.

"If you're still hungry, eat some pancakes."

As soon as she turned around, two corn pancakes were given to her.

Li Man looked at him doubtfully. Actually, he treated her pretty well, but did he not have any qualms over flirting with his future sister-in-law?

"Oh, look at you. You're such a messy eater." Li Yan suddenly curved his lips upwards, and his warm fingers gently wiped something from her face.

Li Man blushed. Just as she was going to get angry, he stretched his finger out to show her something. There really was a corn kernel on his finger.

Li Man gritted her teeth and still very fiercely glared at him. Even if there was a corn kernel on her face, he could have told her. She could have wiped it off herself, ah.

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