Fortunate Wife - Ch 0051

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 51 - Doubt

As soon as Li Shu returned home, he told Li Mo that he had seen the three of them huddled together and crying.

When Li Mo heard his story, he thought that Li Shu was probably exaggerating. It would have required something really big to happen for all three of them to start crying. Besides, would fourth brother really cry over something?

"It's true." Li Shu almost took a vow to guarantee his words. "I saw it with my own two eyes. How could it be fake? I just don't know what happened. You should ask them about it when they come back. Fourth brother always listens to you."

Seeing him like this, Li Mo started to doubt. Had something really happened? Still, he comforted Li Shu by saying, "Fourth brother was with them. Nothing bad would have happened. Besides, they were just going to the back of the mountain to gather some food for the piglets."

However, the more he tried to reassure Li Shu, the more he felt worried too. What if something really had happened?

"Third brother, I'll head over there to take a look." In the end, Li Mo couldn't let go of his worries, so he decided to go to the back of the mountains to look for them. He put down the work he was doing and stood up.

"En," Li Shu agreed. Then, he walked to the stool that Li Mo had been siting on, sat down, and continued Li Mo's work for the chicken coop. It was already more than half done. It just needed a couple more bamboo splints.


Li Mo's steps were hurried as he kept trying to puzzle out what could have possibly happened. When he reached the village's entrance, he met those three on their way back.

The three of them all looked glum. It was obvious that something had gone wrong.

He rushed forward and called out, "Fourth brother."

"Oldest brother?" Li Hua was a bit surprised to see him.

Li Mo walked to his side and took the heavy basket from him. As he did this, he lightly swept his gaze over Li Man. She looked very dejected, and her eyes were a bit red. He asked Li Hua, "What happened? Third brother said that all three of you were crying before."

Of course, third brother would spill the beans. Li Hua squeezed out a smile and said, "Who was crying? Some dust just got into our eyes."

Li Mo's eyebrows were tense. Even third brother wouldn't believe this excuse, so how could he be expected to believe this? But, since fourth brother wasn't willing to tell him, he didn't want to question him further. Anyways, everything was okay now. The three of them were safely standing in front of him.

"Let's go back then. The sky had changed. It looks like it's going to train," said Li Mo. Without him noticing, his eyes had strayed over to look at Li Man again.

It was only a glance, but it was enough to make Li Man feel guilty. There was definitely a problem with that gaze. Could it be that Li Mo was feeling unhappy that his fiancée was walking so closely with his fourth brother?

Seeing her cowering look, Li Mo started worrying again. Walking in the front with Li Hua, he quietly asked, "Did someone say something? She looks upset."

"It's..." Li Hua's expression stiffened, and he didn't continue his response.

Li Mo cast a doubtful glance at his fourth brother and saw that he was looking glummer than before. He silently wondered what exactly had happened between his fourth brother and their wife.


No one said another word. They finished the walk home in gloomy silence.

Li Yan was carrying a pole laden with wheat bran. He had just been about to go inside when he saw these four people dejectedly walking back. Feeling confused, he called out, "Oldest brother? Fourth brother?"

When the four people had walked closer, he placed his pole and baskets down to the side and curiously asked, "What's wrong? It can't be that the four of you got robbed when you went to get food for the piglets, right? It's so unpleasant to see your sullen faces."

Little Five hurriedly said, "We weren't robbed." He didn't understand what was going on between his older brothers and sister. After they had left home, Li Man had cried, then smiled and seemed very happy. On the way back, it had changed into not smiling or crying. He felt at a complete loss.

Li Yan stretched his hand out and pulled Little Five over. "Little Five, tell me what happened."

"It's nothing. I went out and happened to meet them, so we returned together," said Li Mo. In actually, he really wanted to know the truth too.

Li Yan believed that his oldest brother wouldn’t do anything wrong, but he didn't believe the same of his fourth brother. He guessed that something must have happened before oldest brother met up with the other three. There was something really wrong with fourth brother and their wife's expressions...

"Is this wheat bran?" Li Mo looked at one of the large wicker baskets.

Li Yan said, "Well, we have piglets in our house now, right? So I bought some wheat bran from Zhao family."

Li Mo nodded. Second brother was as thoughtful as always. "Have you finished the work for Mudan's family?"

"En," Li Yan snorted. "There were guests at Uncle Shen's house today, so I'll go get my wages in a few days.

"That's good too." Li Mo didn't ask further questions. After entering his home, he put down the basket under the eaves.

Li Shu and Little Five returned to the eastern hut. Li Man felt thirsty, so she went into the kitchen to pour herself a cup of water. Li Yan picked up the baskets of wheat bran and went inside too.

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