Fortunate Wife - Ch 0041

Title: Fortunate Wife
Chapter 41 - Wonderfully thoughtful

Since Li Mo had expressed his viewpoint in those terms, it wouldn't be good for Li Shu to keep pushing this point, so he said, "Oldest brother, it's good as long as you know. Our wife is pretty good. You can't make a mistake and miss this opportunity."

"En." Li Mo gave him a comforting look. As for their wife...

Li Yan knew that his oldest brother had already made a pretty big breakthrough today. At the very least, Li Mo had admitted that woman was their wife.

Smoothing out his sleeves, Li Yan picked up the bowl from the stove and continuing washing the rice. "Alright, third brother, help me with the fire. I'll cook."

Li Mo said, "Second brother, you should probably go back to work. Oh right, how many items did Mudan's family want you to make?"

Li Yan poured the clean rice into a pot as he replied, "Not much, some trunks for clothes as well as wooden bowls, bathing barrels, tables, and chairs. It should be done in a few days."

Li Shu scoffed and said, "I thought they were even going to have you build the bed."

Li Yan chuckled. "Alright, oldest brother, I'll leave now so that I can try to finish my work by the end of tomorrow."

"Go." Li Mo nodded.

After Li Yan left, Li Hua said, "Oldest brother, you can go do your work. I'll cook."

In their family, only second brother and fourth brother knew how to cook. Li Mo nodded. "Okay, have Little Five help you with the cooking fire."

After verbally agreeing, Li Hua went to look for what he could gather to cook their lunch.

Seeing that Li Shu wasn't moving, Li Mo ordered, "Third brother, go and round up the piglets.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that." Li Shu hurriedly left the kitchen.

Seeing that Li Shu had walked far away through a window, Li Mo finally asked Li Hua, "Where's the life contract?"

Li Hua understood the meaning of his question. "Oldest brother, don't worry. I put it away in a safe place."

"That's good." Hearing this, Li Mo was at ease, and he also went outside to the courtyard. Untying the bundle of bamboo, he decided to make a fence underneath the peach tree.


In the western hut, Li Man went through the wardrobe, found another upper garment, and put it on. She folded the torn upper garment that she was wearing before and placed it on her bed. On another day, when she had free time, she could try altering it into something useable.

Li Hua told her to rest for a bit, but how could she feel comfortable sitting around and doing nothing? Anyways, it was about time to make lunch.

At the moment that she got up, she saw thought the back window that Li Shu was building something with stones near the outhouse, and she immediately thought of a pigpen.

Right, with a pigpen, the little piglets would have a home of their own.

After happily leaving the hut, she saw that Li Mo was building a fence using slender bamboo by the peach tree. Her smile immediately widened.

The men in this family were truly wonderfully thoughtful.

So then, she should make something yummy for lunch to reward them for their considerate behavior.

As soon as Li Man entered the kitchen, she saw that Little Five was by the stove tending to the cooking fire, and Li Hua was washing vegetables.

"What are you planning on cooking? Let me to do." Li Man walked closer and saw pickled cabbage that had been washed clean.

Li Hua put the washed pickled cabbage onto a plate, then he pointed at a stool and said with a smile, "Sit down for a bit. I'll be done soon."

Li Man watched him as he sliced the pickled cabbage into pieces. Then seeing that he was going to put the cabbage into the other pot, she hurriedly stood up to stop him. "Are you going to cook it just like that?"

Li Hua didn't understand her words.

Seeing that there weren't any other vegetables by the cooking range, she suddenly felt a bit awkward. She had eaten this family's pickled vegetables before. It had been sour enough that she wanted to spit it out. If he just cooked it like that, it really wouldn't be edible, ah.

Got it! Feeling as if a divine light had suddenly shined down on her, she pulled Li Hua towards the courtyard as she walked.

Li Hua felt a bit confused and blankly allowed himself to be tugged to the small pit where the fish was being stored. Smiling, he asked, "You want to eat fish?"

There were still a couple of fish in the pit. Oldest brother had specially told them to not sell all of the fish.

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