DSB - Spoilers for Patreon Chapters

The spoilers below might not make sense if you haven't read those chapter first.

Chapter 096 – Ji Man’s advice is actually really bad, at least for Errong. After Errong marries Qingyun, Chen-shi bullies Errong a lot, and Errong follows Sangyu’s advice by silently accepting her abuse because she really loves Nie Qingyun. Eventually, this problem gets resolved. But, I thought it was interesting that the author made Ji Man’s well-meaning advice flawed. It would have been good advice for Wen Wan.

Chapter 098 – In a few chapters, there will be a scene where Ji Man finally talks to Nie Sangyu. She asks her to please let her go back to the future and says that Nie Sangyu's wish is impossible to complete. Nie Sangyu says no. I think it would make so much more sense if that scene was moved to the beginning of this chapter, that would explain Ji Man's sudden change in behavior. What do you guys think?

Chapter 143 – He thinks that they have their entire married life ahead of them, so there’s no rush. He wants to get to know Errong better before their relationship becomes physical.

Chapter 241 – Ji Man will find out that the illegitimate child is her son sometime between chapter 319-323.

Chapter 304 – Ning Yuxuan keeps his promise to Liu Hanyun though. He bring Liu Hanyun back to the main estate later, and once Haohao is older (somewhere between 2 to 6 years old), Ning Yuxuan kicks Xia-shi out.

Chapter 457 – We'll be seeing Haohao again. Once Haohao is 16 years old, Monk Xuwu tells him to leave the mountain and go see his mom, that's why I described it as Haohao being taken into Child Protective Services.